Blackberry folders not updating

Take the Code Two Exchange Sync tour for general information about the product and feel free to download the demo version to see how it works in your environment.Tip: Looking for a direct Exchange-Android/i OS synchronization tool that does not require Active Sync, i Tunes or any other additional software? Alternatively, you can install the last leak, then upgrade (the upgrade from the last leak is just about 10MB).For some devices, especially the Black Berry Passport, you may notice that your screen flickers occasionally, when native apps are launched.If you need to access your company’s Exchange databases, such as calendars or contacts, and then synchronize them with your mobile device to stay on top of everything, you will not be able to do it using Exchange Server native capabilities.

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It apparently happens because Black Berry 10 needs 2.5 times the size of a downloaded update package to install.

However, all changes in your personal contacts folder or in your mobile device will not be propagated to the shared company contacts folder: If you select a folder ring method, you can sync two (or more folders) in a two way mode.

It means that any changes in any folder are propagated to all folders included in the synchronization task.

If you can’t wait for the official update, and you consider yourself an advanced user, you can install the fixed files which you find here, to stop the flickering.

Like stressed above, this one is for advanced users.

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