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the annual town meeting of Blaine, times for John Baptiste.

His home- he was re-elected in that position, stead paperwork' file, from the Tff July 1882 what is now"known"as~~ National Archives, explains that Nofth Township and the City of when he arrived in Crookston at the Thief River Falls, were detached . Poo- Woo A; - pm- Squirt A: 5-6 p.m, Level 3; - p.m.

■ La Bree, who was 'nun badly some — __la_Februaiy_1882,-ihe_part_o£ time.team running-away^.

Pennington County which now came to St,' HHaire yesterday for covers Norden, North, Sanders and the first time since the accident." Rocksbury townships, was orga- The follqwing October, the nized under die name of Blame Spectator stated that "John La Bree.

Several bond issues have reserves in excess of one year.

Township 154, Range 43, was "patented" or com- pleted August 13, 1883.

At about the same time,' Ed La Bree, John's brother, homestead- -ed in Section 3 of North Township. By_May_pf 1884, he w as the t own clerk and also the first township .assessor_of_lhe .

■ , 1882, die Polk County Journal The homestead, No.

5597, reported that "Baptiste La Bree, which comprised the West 1/2 of while fixing bis revolver last week, the Northeast 1/4 and me Northeast ipply-hl n June, trade." In June, two months before the homestead was completed, the Polk County Journal reported (hat "John" Ln Bre c is hnrd-n t work mnk- _ During 1883 Miss Helen Wallin taught a three-month term of school here, probably in the old trading post building.

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