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Kerry Magro, a social marketing coordinator at Autism Speaks, an organization focused on autism advocacy, is familiar with the latter situation.The 27-year-old remembers his first relationship in high school -- in the eternal tradition of teen rom-coms, he was the varsity basketball captain and she was a cheerleader.If not, when do I tell the person I am interested in that I am autistic?Immediately or after the person has gotten to know me a bit?In past relationships, partners described Fitzpatrick as "weird," "eccentric" and "intense," she recalls, which led her to be constantly anxious in social situations."I was aware that I was 'different' and was made to feel ashamed because of it," she told The Huffington Post.

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She turned to Fitzpatrick, who used her background in research design and methods to create The Spectrum Compatibility Test (SCT) for their site.

Cantu has experienced social difficulties, similar to those her mother described, that have negatively impacted some of her relationships.

That's why the Santa Clarita, California-based mother-daughter duo launched Spectrum Singles, a dating and social media site "created BY people on the spectrum FOR people on the spectrum," in January.

So, I tend to zone out in crowds and even though I am better about being safe now, I have in the past done things like walking right into busy traffic without realizing it.” Making connections online is something Mydske considers a game-changer for her and individuals like her.

“It really is easier for me because talking is not something that is easy for me," she said. Typing and interacting in a more controlled environment relieves some of my anxiety about socializing, so talking to people online is a lot less stressful for me." Cantu and Fitzpatrick said they hope Spectrum Singles members will feel at ease on their site for that very reason.

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