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The host, user name and database name fields were empty; the password field was filled in incorrectly (or maybe that was the correct password for a null user access a null database on a null system? I edited those four entries to match my config file and (woo-hoo! Once the back end was running, I played back part of a saved recording to verify that things were working okay. (In contrast, the system had no trouble getting me to make sounds.

Very, very aggravated sounds.) I searched hither and yon on Google, and discovered that a nontrivial number of users have (or had) sound problems, many of them as a result of the upgrade to Mythbuntu 14.04. I had previously poked around in the ALSA mixer (by running alsamixer in a terminal) and unmuted the obvious suspects.

This turns out to be a known bug, due to a difference in the Apache versions used by Mythbuntu 14.04 and its predecessor.

The fix specified in the bug report, which I repeat here, worked and Myth Web now runs as expected.

Primary Source: OR in an OB World I foolishly let Mythbuntu update to version 14.04 overnight a few days ago.

The installer ran into problems (which I could not decipher) regarding updating the Myth TV database.

Per the prompt, I changed it to 0000, allowing all front ends to connect.

It turns out that unmuting both “S/PDIF” and “S/PDIF Default PCM” restored the sound.

Still, you can’t do scheduled recordings very effectively is someone has to log in and start the back end manually each time.

Fortunately, I was able to get help from Thomas Mashos in the Mythbuntu Community on Google .

The good news was that I could start the back end manually (running mythbackend in a console), after which the front end could connect.

It came as quite a relief to see that recordings, channel information and recording schedules had all survived the upgrade.

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