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K.’s , which appears to have included the same details and also was updated.Neither story indicates what was changed in the text during the subsequent updates.If you do not at least tell them where the evidence is, it becomes much harder to find and less likely VA will be able to obtain it and grant your claim.To put it another way, if it was hard for me as a Veterans representative, it was hard for VA.Multiple blog posts said that the couple committed suicide because of unaffordable medical costs.That was based on initial reports about the note the pair left behind, and turned out not to be the case.

If VA does not get this information, it may not give you the correct rating, or worse, deny the claim.This becomes even more important if you’ve received treatment from a private sector doctor.Usually, Veterans can get evidence about their own history more easily than VA can.News outlets later took out references to health care expenses when they updated their stories, but the flawed information remained in other posts. After serving for several years in the Air Force, I worked at the Board of Veterans Appeals advocating on behalf of Vets as an appeals representative. As a result, I learned that there were certain truths and methods that many Veterans did not know about.That’s understandable, because of complex legal requirements for compensation claims.So I often explained that the best way to get a claim granted is to make it easier for VA to grant it, or easier for your representative to help you.The "financial spiral" in which they were trapped was too much for the couple, who elected to jump to their deaths, the reported.There was no mention of medical costs, or health insurance premiums, or anything else related to the Affordable Care Act.As a Veterans representative, it was most difficult to move a claim through the process when it was submitted with no evidence to go with it. Too many times, there were no medical records to show a diagnosis, or worse, nothing that would tell VA where to look for medical records.Sometimes I would get claims for “leg condition” or “back pain,” leaving me with nothing but questions: Which leg? When I would talk with the Veteran, I often found that the Veteran did not understand that he or she needed to submit supporting evidence.

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