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The city of Beersheba today resembles nothing of its ancient self.

The desert has been systematically driven back to make room for a quickly expanding population in what is now Israel’s sixth-largest city.

What is now called the Old City of Beersheba was actually developed during the Ottoman and British colonial periods.

Abraham’s Well is located in this part of the town, and its immediate surroundings, which include old brick structures and ruins, give it a more ancient atmosphere.

Excavations there have unearthed the ruins of houses dating back as far as the 12th century BC, as well as later constructions, including an old Roman outpost.Why he selected this harsh, dusty place on the fringe of the Negev Desert over the more hospitable lands further north is unknown, but it seems to have been his primary residence in Canaan.Around the time of his arrival, Abraham concluded an alliance of sorts with a neighboring Philistine king named Abimelech.Beersheba fell by the wayside in the history of ancient Israel until the early days of the kings, when its position on the borders of both the Philistine and Amelekite lands made it more strategically valuable.Its importance was underscored by the fact that King Saul had a fortress constructed here, while the prophet Samuel established his own sons as judges here.Fifteen members of an extremist Jewish organisation have been arrested for allegedly assaulting and harassing Arab men who date Jewish women.Police arrested the leader of the Lehave, Bentzi Gopstein, and 14 others yesterday from their homes in Israel and the occupied West Bank.—Â During the opening of the Cyber Tech Conference in Tel Aviv on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the establishment of Cyber Spark, an international cybercenter in the Negev city of Beersheba.The prime minister, who made the announcement with the president of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the mayor of Beersheba, said turning Beersheba into a cyberhub was an effective realization of the vision that Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, had for the Negev.Unfortunately, much of the well’s current construction dates back to the Ottoman occupation.However, true believers suggest that it is still the original well, in Abraham’s original location, and that the Ottoman work reflects little more than renovations and restorations.

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