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Have families no right to believe that the British are putting their undeclared immunity into law?, August 28,2017)Despite promises and Court orders, these families have not gotten their right to an overarching investigation.Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claimed he was reassured by statements from British prime minister Theresa May and the British Direct Ruler in Ireland, Karen Bradley, reiterating their commitment to the agreement in recent days. Loughinisland is a small village in County Down, Northern Ireland.“They’ve said that they stand by the Good Friday Agreement and their support for it is steadfast,” he said. Six Catholic men were shot dead by Loyalist/Unionist/Protestant paramilitaries as they watched in a pub the World Cup football match between Ireland and Italy.“Obviously the St Patrick’s Day celebrations and events would be a great opportunity to bring some clarity there,” Mr Coveney said.He said the importance of US engagement was “less about Brexit and more about trying to ensure that political structures and the implementation of the Good Friday agreement continued to be bedded down”.Ruth Stafford Peale wrote to a friend in Connecticut on August 19, 1960: “Norman had a conference yesterday at Montreux, Switzerland, with Billy Graham and about 25 church leaders from the United States.

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On August 18, 1960, with Kennedy showing unexpected strength, Graham convened a meeting in Montreux Switzerland, far from the media and prying eyes. Norman Vincent Peale, whose 1952 book The Power of Positive Thinking is still a bestseller today.This week a group of 22 members of the US Congress called on the Trump administration to appoint a special envoy to the region, as did the Ancient Order of Hibernians.It is thought one will be appointed ahead of the annual gathering of Irish politicians in the US for St Patrick’s Day.Can these families not ask whether a full investigation might show Weir was right? Clearly the mechanisms agreed in the past failed to work.Any new agreement on legacy mechanisms must give real truth to victims.“You know, when I want to know what the United Kingdom government thinks, when there are a lot of mixed messages, I listen to the prime minister.” Monday, March 5, 2018. The Massacre is another blatant case of British Government/police collusion in assassinations in Northern Ireland.“No Stone Unturned” is a must-see documentary film. No Stone Unturned is the latest work of Alex Gibney —the American documentary film director and producer—and Oscar-winner (“Taxi to the Dark Side”; “Sinatra: All or Nothing at All,” etc., etc.). Ringland wants families to accept that British troopers or constabulary who murdered, acted “outside the law” are “innocent until proven guilty’, and no excuse for holding Britain accountable.Esquire Magazine has said he “is becoming the most important documentarian of our time.” Trevor Ringland writes his ‘Sympathies lie with victims and families of Loughinisland atrocity.'(February 2nd) He advises these families to shun republican minded supporters and stop blaming Britain, if British troopers, constabulary, or agents murdered loved ones. His alternative facts show the deep divide keeping legacy justice a fundamental issue.As George discovered, “it was clear that the Montreux gathering set in motion plans for a one-day conference in Washington to rally concern about the possibility of a Roman Catholic in the White House. Peale agreed to preside.” There is no doubt that Graham was the prime mover but he stayed in the background. Peale said the participants had held a “philosophical” discussion of “the nature and character of the Roman Catholic Church” and he found it wanting.That religious bias was too much even for the media at the time.Did British troopers, constabulary or agents act “outside the law” at Loughinisland, Ballymurphy etc.?Certainly they acted outside the letter of British law.

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