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Although I'd never date anyone for the sake of the column." Writing about your love life, she says, can, on occasions, seriously harm it."Men either love it and want to be written about or they shy away from it altogether.Maybe it's because of my age, but I find being single is mostly so much more fun.

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When they finally met at a bar, Harrison reports that disappointment clouded his face (though this is hard to believe), as he told her she looked "kinda different" from her picture byline.

Writers capitalise on that and readers like reading them." Harrison, 35, has just published a book, Tabloid Love, based on her Post column.

As a newcomer to the city, with an outsider's eye, she was able to explore New York's fraught dating rituals, addressing age-old issues such as how long men wait to call after they have taken your phone number.

"I'm not malicious or spiteful so I won't take revenge [on a bad date] in a column," she says.

"I think women generally don't embrace being single enough.

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