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I told myself that if we were ever to get married, Alex to become a Christian first.

So I prayed for him every day and even fasted over him periodically.

Another time, he told me—after attending a Christmas gathering I had invited him to—that he felt sorry for the past occasions when he would either turn me down or express disinterest whenever he attended my church.

Moved by his care and consideration, I opened up to him and we began dating.

At the time, I was already above the age of 25, so my non-Christian parents were anxious to see me married—but not to a Christian.Surely if he kept coming to church to hear about God, I thought, God would work in his heart.But after another two months, Alex still did not change.Although I was initially wary about dating Alex because he wasn’t a Christian, I decided to meet him because of my family’s relentless persuasion.At our first meet-up, I told Alex that I was a Christian and was looking for a Christian partner.It was only when a brother-in-Christ recommended that I watch a video on marriage counselling, did I realize that I had fallen into the trap of human thinking.God had intended marriage to show us a glimpse of the goodness of heaven.Although Alex did not want to break up, he wasn’t willing to convert to Christianity either.It was his family who urged him to make up so that we would stay together.Finally, Alex refused to attend church with me anymore.After trying but failing to reach an agreement with him, I suggested breaking up. I remember crying almost daily from the heart-breaking pain of losing a relationship as well as the sting of his accusations. Unfortunately, we began going through the same cycle.

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  2. There are many challenges you may face and have to overcome - culinary tastes, religious beliefs, customs and cultural differences just to name a few. Finding someone to love, someone you mesh with, and someone that makes your heart sing and brings peace of mind is the stuff of poetry.