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Sources close to Bell say he regularly used steroids to enhance his weight-lifting workouts.The morning of June 4, he might have used "angel dust"—a powerful animal tranquilizer known to induce hallucinations, and ecstasy, another hallucinogen, and maybe cocaine, too.Awakened by a loud crash around 7 a.m., Hall ran to her housemate's door to find Bell standing over her, a mallet in his hand, blood on Spencer's bed. Hall called the police and gathered up her friend, who was bleeding profusely, and put her in her own car to drive her to the University of Mississippi Medical Center emergency room, about two miles away.Hall screamed for him to stop and pulled him off her friend. Spencer's head required "three rows of staples in her head from front to back," JPD Officer John Young, who met the two young women in the UMMC emergency room, wrote in his report.

So, coming down to it, that's kind of a fairy tale." Bell came on strong, one of the potential signs of an abuser.

Spencer, 28, and Bell, then 32, had been dating about a year at that point, and she worked with him at his car dealership, I. "He seemed to be crazy about Heather, and just seemed like a nice guy," her mother, Linda Francomb, told the Jackson Free Press in September 2007.

They were planning a cruise, and had talked about getting married.

On that warm September morning just over two years ago, Sgt.

Wall became a character in one of the most highly publicized cases of domestic violence in Jackson, a case worthy of a movie script, including sordid details of drugs, rape, murder, an attacker escaping jurisdiction and a mother's tragically misplaced sheltering of her son.

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