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Rio is a 2-year-old German shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix.

The dogs do the work of three or four guys sometimes.K9 (Canine) dating website eliminates that waste of time for our members.On the K9za dating website, you are guaranteed to meet potential partners that accept that you and your pet are a package deal.The officer has been suspended without pay since the attack almost four years ago.According to Cherry and another officer had been called to a Tuckerton home where Tucker was said to be unwelcome.Cops then found out that that she had a suspended licence.Despite telling police she would take the bus back home, officer Cherry saw her driving her car away from the area.Canuso has earned instructor certifications as an apprentice trainer in K9 patrol training and an assistant trainer in scent detection. He knew where I was; I knew where he was, Canuso said.While he has high hopes for his teamwork with Rio, Canuso said it takes awhile before officer and dog click. They say youre not really bonded until working with them for a year and a half, two years. Police Chief Richard Meder said, I couldnt be more proud.Rio replaces Nomos, who retired after 10 years of service and lives with Canuso, who has five dogs, including Rio. They had six months of patrol school, which included obedience, tracking, article searches and agility.And they had 12 weeks of scent class, which is designed to prepare K9 teams to detect explosive materials. Nomos and Canuso worked well together and knew each others habits, the officer said.

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