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During the past six months in Germany, I’ve learned that there are some differences between the mindset of couples and dating in the United States and the mindset in Germany.Valparaiso University, Germany, Study Abroad, Dating, Culture Jillian Holtzer Scene: One hour until class and you think there is enough time to start your math homework.Social Media, Millenials, Social Barriers, Technology, Relationships Melissa Anguiano If you have ever watched the ever-popular “Crazy Frog Bros” video on You Tube, then you may have shared a great laugh with a few friends, family or simply amongst oneself.

John Nunes, Faculty, Concordia College, Higher Education, Community Brandon Vickrey When asked about how to stop Youngstown State’s Heidi Schlegel prior to Saturday’s game against the Penguins, Valparaiso head coach Tracey Dorow hit the nail on the head.

Sigma Tau Gamma, Sig Tau, Charter, Revoke, Brotherhood, Hazing, Valparaiso University Yusuf Rabbani I don’t believe that we as humans pay enough attention to what our dress says about us as a person; rather, we dress for the sake of it.

For example, we don’t choose our clothes according to our feelings or attitudes in the morning.

Beacon, The Beacon, Yearbook, Valparaiso University, Students, Mobile Application, Photography, Photos Jillian Holtzer While our lives have settled into a normal routine on campus, some of us are discovering what we really want out of life.

A lot of times, this discovery includes our feelings about our relationships with significant others.

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