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She started an employee community group for new women in engineering.And she’s working on an initiative to hire more people with disabilities at Apple.“They are the way we learn about the people around us and learn about ourselves.” After only a few months here, he started our newest DNA group, which supports the Sikh population at Apple.The group has helped him connect with others on the same religious path and with those who want to better understand his beliefs.

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At this scale, even small percentage point changes can affect thousands of people.That’s an increase of 5 percentage points since 2014. “If we want a product to appeal to and work for a big group of people, it needs to be built by a diverse group of people.” Grace is passionate about helping Apple hire more women in tech.She developed a tool that helps us identify schools with large numbers of minority engineers.We believe a welcoming community is important not just for Veterans, but for all our employees.So we created Diversity Network Associations (DNAs), which are communities centered around shared interests and beliefs. “In the military, everyone works together to get things done.For example, since 2014 we’ve increased female representation at Apple by 2 percentage points, hiring 37,000 women globally.Through their experiences and backgrounds, they bring leadership, technical skills, and a spirit of collaboration to Apple.“I don’t think things will change overnight, but I’m passionate about welcoming more women into the tech industry.And thrilled they consider me a role model.” From July 2016 to July 2017, half of our new hires in the United States were from historically underrepresented groups in tech — women, Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander.“Apple really cares about doing what’s right, and if an employee believes there’s something more the company could be doing, Apple wants to hear about it.” Twenty-nine percent of our leaders are women, reflecting a 1 percentage point increase from July 2016 to July 2017.And during that same period of time, the percentage of leaders under 30 who are women has increased by 3 percentage points.

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