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For a mild VS cam setup though you likely wouldn't.

However, bumping up to the next size up in fuel injector would be a good idea since you're tuning it at the time.

We highly recommend running a 136# Comp Cams valve spring, Modified was developed by ZZP to maximize the HP of a 3800 using an M90 in an all out build.

Normally larger cams keep making more power at higher and higher rpms, the 3800 with an M90 isn't like that.

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The XPZ requires ported heads with machined valve guides, at least a 136# Comp Cams, or 155 # valve spring, Modified Hey, absolutely love Zzp products!

My question is with the setup headers, cold air intake, 10mm wires, race plugs, i think msd blaster coils the ones that are red haha, not to metion the high flow cat, i olan on also buying a torque converter (2500), also i want pcm thats programed by you guys..that said will vs cam be a good choice or can I stretch it to the xp?

It depends on fueling and if you are maxing the factory injectors.

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