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In Kishkindha kaand there is a reference to solar eclipse (4/15/3) on the day Bali was killed.

For example: Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas through I-SERVE Delhi Chapter started working on a Research Project titled: Scientific Dating of Ancient Events from Rigveda to Aryabhatia: astronomical dating of planetary references in ancient Sanskrit manuscripts by making use of planetarium software & correlation of such astronomical dates with corroborating archaeological, anthropological, paleobotanical, ecological, geological, oceanographic and remote sensing evidences. Saroj Bala, an IRS officer of 1972 batch is its chief research co-ordinator.

Starting from Ayodhya, they went right up to Rameshwaram.

They found more than 189 ( 60 identified later on) places, most of which still have the memorials connected to the events relating to the life of Shri Ram and Sita and also match the description given in Ramayan (see Map).

Needless to add that similar position of planets and nakshatras vis-à-vis zodiac constellations and the equinoxes is not repeated in 25690 years.

By entering the precise details of the planetary configuration of the important events in the life of Shri Ram as given in the Valmiki Ramayan in the software named ‘Planetarium Gold’ corresponding exact dates of these events according to English calendar can be known. Pushkar Bhatnagar of Indian Revenue Service had acquired from USA the software named ‘Planetarium Gold’ (of Fogware Publishing) which is used to predict the solar/lunar eclipses and distance and location of other planets from earth by the scientists and astronomers.

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