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After the menu has been scrolled through once it generally disappears.It certainly isn't as smooth as my 3T or even my Nexus 6. Despite what all the apologists say, that FP button is in a terrible position and has a real "afterthought" look about it.

It certainly has sex appeal but the fast updates and the (almost) stock Android experience of the 3T are worth more to me I think.The S8 is a lot better value for money than the Google Bezel... but it's still a lot of money for a phone, especially when you compare it with the excellent value for money that the 3T provides.I bought my wife an S7 and we don't see any stutter.Really don't like the position of the S8 home/FP button though.I've seen stutter in scrolling through the Settings menu for the first time on several that I've tried.Just received my OP 3T today and I'm pretty stoked.Upgraded from iphone 5 and this is my first android phone.And never mind how much processing power Samsung throws at their phones, it still has to contend with their software and results in visible jank and stutter if you look hard enough.The S7 has it and I can't see the S8 being any different.Samsung actually has a lot of good inbuilt gimmicks, adblocked browser I thought was awesome – with fingerprint login etc.I wanted to try OP and I have really enjoyed it, their community build is even better than custom roms!!

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