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The retailer has to pay for it in the end and it could have a knock on effect on their business.” Unfortunately small businesses who suffer financial losses from CNP fraud will rarely get the money back, says Det Superintendent Walsh.“The payment will go to the person whose card has been compromised.If the goods are lost and they’re still out there we may be able to recover them but it can be difficult to get your property back.We need to prevent these things before they occur.” Lorraine Higgins from Retail Excellence says business owners must ensure staff are adequately trained in internet safety and take the time to check through payment details.New rules, which came into force last month, ban credit and debit card surcharges for British customers.But Dutch-based KLM and Air France were found to be illegally charging fees to credit and debit card users booking via their UK websites.

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Air France charged fees of up £2.13 for a flight from London to Paris, while KLM charged £16.27 for a trip from London to Mauritius. Money said these rogue charges are probably not limited to Air France and KLM.'If you are charged a fee for payment by Mastercard because the card was incorrectly classed as ‘business’ rather than ‘personal’, challenge the airline and you should get your money back.'Companies based in Europe can also continue to legally charge for payments using American Express as they don’t have to fall into line with the UK’s stronger regulations.Create your FREE nick and enjoy real LIVE sex shows with the hottest webcam girls! Two airlines have been accused of illegally charging credit and debit card fees to UK holidaymakers.It found both airlines were using payment technology that mistakenly classes personal credit cards as business ones, which can be charged a fee. Money expert said: 'The ban on surcharges should stop consumers being penalised simply for using their card.'However, we have found ways that UK consumers may be caught out by confusing rules.With this constant use of credit and debit cards, we must take extra care to protect our personal finance details.What can I do to protect my payment card when shopping online?Some 78 per cent of this fraud was through ‘card not present’ incidences.Our Cash Back redemption program provides you with more options to redeem your rewards once you've earned a minimum of in cash back rewards.

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