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Women appreciate the courage of a man who’s diving into the unknown to buy a gift for his fictitious girlfriend.

As a reward they will do their best to teach you the ins and outs of this hidden cult and reveal the long kept secret of Victoria.

My advice is to go for some brainy and donnish titles to portrait your sophistication. Trimmer’s best seller “How to avoid huge ships” or Kathleen Meyer’s acclaimed book “How to shit in the woods”.

In case you’re looking for something more deep, leaf through a book called “Games you can play with your pussy: and lots of other stuff cat owners should know” or alternatively you could pick up “Be Bold with Bananas”.

The human race landed on the moon, reconstructed the big bang, brought to light the Theory of evolution and where the fuck we came from….still hasn’t figured out what women want & how to deal with them.

Nevertheless, I want you to firmly believe that my tips are a universal breakthrough which are gonna grant you the key to understanding women and navigating your relationship.

Another technique used by chicks is known as “The Beiruti Bitch Shield” which some experts consider it to be less penetrable than the 300 Spartan warrior’s diamond formation.

As you coyote your way into the shop, make sure you put on a face of a lost and confused baby.These recommendations are guaranteed to make you sound like a Neo Lebanese Shakespeare and will give you enough confidence to approach women, start a clever conversation and make them fall in love with your character like greased lightening.D/ Lingerie Shops This move is not for the faint of heart.The last thing you need is to meet a gorgeous woman with a pile of toilet paper in her shopping cart. And as you might have guessed it already, your chances of catching one of these soon-to-be-extinguished compatriots, increases significantly around Bookstores.But before you run to Virgin or Librairie Antoine, make sure you have some book titles under your belt to display your cultured and intellectual persona.1) Venues A/ Bars / Clubs (a clear No go) Long gone are the days where you could pick up girls at the bar.The countless hours of watching Barney Stinson hitting on women at the neighborhood pub drowned you in a lake of fallacies.Clubs and pubs in Lebanon are not made for mingling like in “How I met your Mother”.These places serve to meet your own friends, drink into oblivion while telling each others the same jokes since high school then fight over who picks up the bill.Lot of men fall into what’s known as the “Facebook trap” where a girl’s profile portrays her as a happy, open, social and risk taking person.Often times boys are over excited when they read feminine description like “Carpe Diem” “YOLO” & “Im an outgoing person who loves to laugh, dance and meet new people” but once they approach her at the bar she transforms into a nasty version of Optimus Prime from Cybertron.

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