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Speaker Geoff Regan struggled to keep order after Morneau suggested his critics didn’t understand how stock markets work.

Regan scolded Morneau, and when Conservative and New Democrats continued to heckle across the aisle, the Speaker singled out one MP, Conservative Blake Richards, warning him to stop shouting or be removed.

OTTAWA — Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he’ll donate to charity all the money he’s pocketed as a result of any increase in the value of shares in his family business since he was elected two years ago.

Morneau reiterated Thursday his plan to sell all of his roughly one million shares in Morneau Shepell, which are worth an estimated million, and put all his other considerable assets in a blind trust.

Instead, I stuck to the update, wondering what the calm and rational Economist Party might say about the finance minister’s work to date.

The star of the 2017 update was the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), the federal payment to middle-income households that appears to have played a part in jolting the economy out of the slump that followed the collapse of oil prices in 20.

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He said the government would ensure the gains from the CCB aren’t eroded by inflation, promising to accelerate a plan to index the benefits by two years.

Morneau made the announcement in the House of Commons after meeting with federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson.

He said later that she agreed this additional action was “appropriate.”Morneau said he doesn’t know how much his decision will wind up costing him but it could be as much as million.“Whatever the value is, that’s our decision….

And in a bid to finally spike opposition accusations that he’s personally profited from some of the decisions he’s taken as finance minister, he went one step further.

He announced that he will donate to charity the difference in the value of those shares between the date he was elected in 2015 and the day they’re sold.

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