Aquarius male and aquarius female dating Flirt dating site for chat

What makes Cancer Woman an attractive prospect in this union is her eye for the bigger picture, in terms of wanting her life and relationships to have an impact on the world.

She may inquire into Aquarius Man’s affairs or even hold out from him, but if she swerves too far on the truth it could be fatal.

The relationship of Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man is no easy feat and dependent on a number of things. Secondly, Cancer Woman may have to be willing to put up with a little imbalance in their relationship in terms of who gets what, and she is asked to sacrifice some of her nature for the sake of the team.

She may sometimes be tempted to look back at the very beginnings of their surprising attraction and convince herself she can teach this new dog old tricks, but she would be mistaken.

They are at a quincunx angle in Sun Signs and their interests are like chalk and cheese. Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man could probably save themselves a lot of grief looking elsewhere, but the nature of Water and Air attraction is the supposed mystery behind just how different they go about things.

She concerns herself with personal ties and domestic affairs, while he just wants to roam the universe. Aquarius Man can be attracted to Cancer Woman’s reserving the right to mood swings, effectively presenting him within a pattern of change within the safe routine of what she claims is her orderly life.

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