Updating from 10 3 9 to 10 4

Please remember, similar conditions fanned Canyon Fire 2 earlier this week.

Continue to check Anaheim Fire & Rescue on Twitter for the latest, best information.

It's always good to think about your loved ones by watching weather, updates from us and knowing what to do if emergency strikes. CANYON FIRE 2 UPDATE Containment remains at 60 percent and acreage at 9,217, unchanged from 7 p.m. Weather outlook for today is favorable with cooler temperatures and light winds. Currently, there is no immediate threats to neighborhoods from Canyon Fire 2.

An assistance center opens Friday morning in Anaheim to help residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged by Canyon Fire 2 as well as anyone else affected by the fire. A partial reopening of the 241 is expected around 2 p.m. But we will be watching weather and the risk of rekindling or flare-ups from hot, dry and windy weather this weekend.

Given conditions, things are going relatively well.

We will provide updates as we get them, but major incident updates with containment and acreage are going to once daily in the early evening, rather than two daily as we've had for the past week.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue will continue to provide updates periodically as warranted. Our sincerest sympathies go out to those who saw homes destroyed or damaged and wish them the best as they continue the recovery process.

Full containment is projected for Tuesday with all eyes on Santa Ana wind conditions Saturday and Sunday. You should also sign up for urgent text and phone messages via Anaheim Alert. Winds are always higher and more extreme in wildland canyons. This is a shift from the favorable firefighting weather we saw the past few days.We thank all of you for your vigilance and ask that you continue to watch for updates through the morning and later today.You may continue to see smoke in the fire areas as firefighters battle hot spots and flare-ups.Firefighters continued to address flare-ups driven by hot, dry canyon winds.That continues this morning with an expected peak in winds.For those who live in canyons, and everyone in general, it is always good to have a family emergency plan in place so you know what to do when disaster happens.Part of that plan should include monitoring weather and reliable sources such as Twitter.com/Anaheim Fire for critical information.Containment now is 90 percent, up from 75 percent Saturday night. Firefighters made great progress Sunday despite hot, dry weather and strong winds in the morning.The number of firefighters now is at 677, down from some 900 earlier. In a positive sign, there will be no more daily updates from the front. Firefighters will continue to work the fire area until full containment.Meanwhile, you will also continue to see fire crews, police and public works officials throughout fire-area neighborhoods.This is part of the normal post-evacuation process. But it is always good to know what to do should conditions change.

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