Sims 2 nightlife dating dating in poland

Anyone who's ever been in a failing relationship when asking whether someone wants a cup of tea leads to a four hour screaming row will sympathise.

It certainly makes - say - cheating have more extreme consequences for the Sims.

Sims world: My two young flatmates, after trying to play the ("Kiss" - Ed)-friends posture, were dating around. Lucy was making out with a neighbour, at the end of her "Stay at home" date around the flat (A meal, a movie and a making out on the sofa).

Not spilling coke over Zoe, alas - that's still in the realms of next generation dreams with the forthcoming Embarrasso-life chips - but the little tale of Lucy and Luke. Rather than the previous University expansion, which made its entire format into a subgame - that is, you went away to university and then spent your time trying to pass - this integrates into the world.

Do well enough, you raise the metre about a threshold, you get extra time and the date can continue as you try and push towards the next meeting. If you take the date in a restaurant, people are going to want to eat.

If you insist on just kissing them, expect to see their desires to turn towards ("more kissing" - Ed).

(And, for the record, I'd like to see a dedicated game based around Nightlife with the purity and elegance of the Sims Design.

In case any budding hormonal Will Wright is out there.) The other, more interesting, aspects of the add-on pack also play to this centred.

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