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Carol was quite cool with me putting my hand on her lower back and we laughed as we shuffled around the dance-floor.I happened to glance across at J and Pete and noticed he was holding J very close to his body and his hand had slipped to the top of her butt where he motioned it round and round, all the time getting lower.I am sorry if it is too long but having tried to abbreviate the events that led up to her behaviour, I felt it lost the full voyeuristic theme.J works for a doctors surgery and from time to time they arrange an expenses-paid party for the staff, who have the option to bring husbands wives or partners along with them.J my wife has not worked there long and as such is very shy and had asked me to go and keep her company.J is a very young looking 45, blonde, small but well formed pert breasts and a very lean size 10 figure.The record was slow and Carol came in close to me and asked me to give her a running commentary of what Pete was doing while we were dancing, she was obviously enjoying the thrill as much as I was.Pete didn’t waste time and his hand was very close to J’s groin and her thighs very exposed and I relayed this to Carol as we swayed and again I could feel myself getting very hard.

After a while the usual erection collection came on the disco and Me and Carol and J and Pete got closer for a couple of tracks.

My erection didn’t go unnoticed by Carol and she looked me in the eye and said I can feel you are enjoying the view but laughed and gave me some re-assurance that the longer we stayed away the more daring Pete was likely to get, I continued to give her my account of Pete’s progress.

Carol relayed a couple of quick stories that told me that dear old Pete was a real lothario.

I explained to Carol that J was obviously ok with the attention and laughed it off as a drink fuelled antic.

I could not help but to keep manipulating Carol in a way that I could always see what J and Pete were doing.

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