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Reiki is a series of hand placements around the body,combined with phrases(silently)to focus the energy(intent) where it's needed. She has taught and provided healing services to a number of people.With the right person it can be a very strong tool of help. An open-mind is very important along with being able to relax during a treatment.And, it is actually the patient who "pulls" in what they need. The fascinating thing that Reiki seems to do, is that it creates a space for a person to "be". It's the aligning of the chakras and meditating with help from an outside source ( that being another person) My mom performs reiki.The resulting feed back that I get is a whole range of positive behaviours that result in anywhere from 1 day to whenever. You may also find that Reiki people are almost empathic. It generally happens after taking the second stage of Reiki training. I can "see" what is happening to you on an emotional/spiritual base. If you can find someone who knows what they're doing, its great, the only other thing that could happen is you lay down for a half hour nap and have to pay for it : PReiki is many things. Reiki is using a form of energy called universal energy.Take care, TMy experience with Reiki was not by a professional, I was healed of a major blinding headache by my 4 year old daughter, who put one little hand on my head and one over my heart, just because she wanted to do so.Within a minute the headache was completely gone... I found out more about it after I described the event to a friend who told me that is was Reiki and that my daughter must be a natural healer... I'm a level 2 reiki trained explorer and have trained in other forms of energy work.It can be an aid for stress, anxiety, and some people even say headaches. We are also dealing with karmic issues for the healer, healee and also the other players of the picture, ie family friends and aquaintances etc.Reiki is an ancient form of using universal magnetic energy to balance and calm the human body's magnetic energy field. One doesn't need to "believe" to have the benefits of the session. Like clearing a traffic jam; once the jam is cleared the traffic (energy) flow becomes steady. This energy has been measured, heard, seen and felt by various mechanical and human instruments.

Reiki isn't for everyone, but it is well worth a try.i am a reiki master.... meditation, indian head massage, relexology, and crystal healing."I have been able to make decisions much faster than before". One does not heal others so to say rather than use the universal energy and channel this energy to themselves or to others.Yes, some use it for meditation, others for healing.Basically, the Reiki practitioner places on hand over/on the head of the patient and one hand over/on the heart and focuses the energy of themselves into the patient to heal/relax.I would suggest you look it up more online and possibly in your local yellow pages.My mum has a treatment every week and is very chilled out now.My dad has had treatments, and even though he didn't notice a difference, it was noted that myself and him had no arguements for 2 weeks following the treatment. My 3 year old broke her shoulder in January, I gave her reiki and after 2 days the sling wa off, and about a week later she was climbing around using her arm again.All have the same intent but one might say they run on a different frequency or voltage, so to speak. Measuarable effect on blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, heart rate, breathing rate etc.Reiki is basically like the placebo think it will help you - it probably will. Master designation means that I can teach and it also speaks about my level of committment to the quality of the life I want to live and my resulting behaviour to those I channel for. A Reiki practicioner is a "channel " for the energy to enter into the ptient.When I go travelling I also use it then to keep my family safe.I find it very relaxing when receiving a treatment but also giving a treatment.

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