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The 2003 remake of Peter Pan saw Jeremy Sumpter, aged 13, donning his infamous leafy assemble in order to run around with Tinks, stay young forever and get pretty annoyed at Captain Hook (oh and the flying thing, he liked to fly).

They promised to never to grow up, so lets all praise our lucky stars that Peter and Wendy DID eventually hit adulthood for no reason other than they’re really flipping fit now…

Hurd-Wood dispelled the false rumour that her uncle is Hugh Laurie in a 2009 September–October interview for the magazine Little White Lies: The An Education Issue and then again in a 2010 live Myspace web chat for the film Tomorrow, When the War Began."My uncle lives in Wales and is an artist", she says.

He is known for roles in TV series Friday Night Lights and Club House and, according to his IMDB, he still dabbles in film too, with roles in upcoming movies The Unbroken and Take Down.

Thus, Jeremy’s emotions are quite complicated, because he is that kind of person that does not show them often so it would be hard for Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend to figure him out.

He does switch of his emotions, so he should be careful, because when they are too often switched off there is always a danger that he will not be able to switch them on again.

It appears that Jeremy considers his family not so important in his life as he values friends, so it could become hard for a girl that wants to be called as Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend at that time when he is going to create a family of his own, because if he does not appreciate blood ties now, it is not clear what he is going to do in the future.

Further he has noted that when he is going to have a relationship, Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend should be more open minded, because he likes to have as many friends as he wants to and different sexes, so his girl would not be able to tell him with whom he should not spend so much time.

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He notes that it is important to try new things and enjoy new cultures, so Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend should think in a broader way in order to please him.Interesting fact: there was once a rumour that her uncle was none other than Hugh Laurie; something which she personally refuted in 2009.Hurd-Wood had considered becoming a marine biologist because of her love for dolphins.Now 25, Rachel is still acting and was most recently seen in ITV war drama Home Fires.She is also know for a role in Dorian Gray and will appear in upcoming films Second Origins and Beautiful Devils.Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter (born February 5, 1989) is an American actor.Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend does not exist at the moment and he does not worry about this, because he always had plenty of fans and it would not take long to find himself a girl.He also plays the role of Samuel Crowthorn alongside his sister in her later film, Solomon Kane in which she plays Meredith Crowthorn.Her father's work involves performing, writing scripts and doing voice-overs for commercials.His personality may seem attractive, because he loves to socialize and spend a lot of time with other people so maybe Jeremy Sumpter girl is going to be lucky.If one day Jeremy would create a family with a girl, who could be knows as Jeremy Sumpter girlfriend she should be similar to him, because in other case their marriage would not work, because he is not meant to be a traditional husband.

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