Dating in mongolia

Before weddings, Buddhist scriptures would be chanted and heavenly protection sought.[Source: *|*] There is no tradition of dating yet premarital sex is common among herders.The stones cook the stuffed meat all the way through as well as the marmot meat, and when it's done you have a delicious Mongolian meal.Just one thing to mention about it - marmot should not be eaten if there are reports of plague (see Health & Happiness).Money - In most cities around Mongolia and in many places around Ulaanbaatar, people will not accept credit cards.

Sadly, it's best if you save your affections for the privacy of your hotel or when you get home.

Make sure to stock up on sufficient togrogs before going on your vacation.

Mongolian Scramble - Expatriates have given this name to the way that people in Mongolia deal with public commerce. You may be elbowed in the gut, kicked in the shin or stepped on while trying to buy something or get on a bus.

If you're up for it, be sure to ask for "nermel areehk" or "changa yum" if you want to try homemade Mongolian vodka.

The national drink of Mongolia is also a staple in celebrations, though it's slightly less alcoholic and more...unique.

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