No heartbeat at dating scan

Not all units offer an early scan if all is going well in this pregnancy, though.

Ask your GP if you want the reassurance of an early scan. The scan's main purpose is to work out accurately how many weeks pregnant you are and estimate your due date.

Looking for abnormalities isn't the purpose of this scan, though.

That's the job of your next routine scan at about 20 weeks, when more detail can be seen as your baby grows bigger.

Having a scan in the first few months of pregnancy can be a thrilling experience.

It's amazing to see the little blob with a heartbeat that will soon become your baby.

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The surviving baby is my profile picture and is being as cheeky as ever!

If you have an irregular cycle, or if you've recently been taking the contraceptive pill, working out the date from your LMP isn't a very accurate method. The scan can check that your baby has a heartbeat and is developing normally.

Your baby's head, limbs, hands and feet, and some organs can be seen.

Your midwife may recommend an early scan at between six weeks and 10 weeks if you have experienced bleeding.

You may also be offered an early scan if you've had a previous miscarriage.

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