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Other chat readers can also be found in the top 20.

Amazon Rapids doesn’t appear in this section’s top charts, however, because the company introduced its chat reading app in the “Education” section on the App Store instead.

But Amazon is leaving the door open to future partners who want to find new ways to reach children in today’s digital age, where traditional book-reading now has to compete with apps, games and other mobile content.

Despite chat fiction apps’ current popularity, it’s unclear whether interaction stories will be a fad, or if it represents a new way kids of the digital age will read for fun, in the longer term.(See the end of this article for links to these articles.) The technology reviewed here—mobile apps and websites—concerns skills that involve generating written text, or generational skills.These skills include capitalization; punctuation; word and text fluency; constructing coherent and varied sentences, paragraphs, and genre-specific discourse structures; planning processes; and revising and editing the final product.Amazon Rapids is a subscription service, which also includes a parent dashboard where mom or dad can check in on kids’ progress, as well as find information that will help them start conversations about what kids are reading.The service is available on i OS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices for .99 per month to start.Writing skills can be divided into two broad components: transcription and text generation (Berninger, 2004).Transcription involves the basic writing skills of producing letters (handwriting) and spelling words.Adults may not have heard of them, but chat reading apps are hugely popular on the App Store, across age ranges.For example, the number one free app in App Store’s “Books” category at present is chat stories app Hooked, which is closely followed by rival Yarn in spot #2, as well as Wattpad’s newer entry in the space, Tap, at #9.Common writing issues include the following: The technology reviewed here will help writers generate more accurate and interesting text.After each title, I have included information on the skill focus and who will benefit from its usage.

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