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By the end of the day, I have became a panicked wreck.This is where I'm getting confused over myself. My friends are telling me that I'm overanalyzing everything, which I think I agree with, but I don't know why I am doing this, and I'm severely hoping that this doesn't make me fuck everything up with this girl.So I'm pumped, however keep in mind I am not experienced at dates whatsoever.

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So even if she was the girl view viewers loved to hate, she was the most talked about. Rumour has it that Brooke Shields is waiting in the wings.

So when I said goodnight, I apologized for those things and thanked her for going out, and she calmed me down and told me the things I wanted to hear.

So, the next day, everything is normal and I'm just going about my day while texting her.

Before I knew it, we are now hanging out or at least texting almost everyday for a week.

Things are going great for me so one night in her dorm, we were cuddling up to each other, so I just sort of came out and admitted that I had some sort of crush on her (didn't phrase it like that but I did say it) and then I asked her out on a dinner date and she accepted.

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