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They provided reviews, comments or other support including images or buttons for the examples shown.

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Finally, scanning or photographing buttons has distinct limitations in the areas of perspective, color, details, and dimensions.A Section 15 Other Materials worksheet has been provided and can be downloaded or printed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.Thanks to Lou Yeargain, Barbara Barrans, Pat Koehler and Nikki Deal who assisted in the development of this educational resource. Each example is labeled in accordance with the Blue Book section 15 outline.Passing your mouse over the button image will turn the button over so the back may be seen. Then some gentle rubbing with fingers or a very soft old tooth brush. Cleaning And Preservation Of Coins And Medals By DURST If you can find this book it is a fantastic reference. Never clean any coin or relic that you think may be valuable. I most often will start with a bath in Olive Oil for a few days its a very mild way to loosen the crud on a copper coin.My container holds about a gallon of water, to which I add about a quarter cup of baking soda. You should be able to tell in a few hours if you are set up correctly, as bubbles forming on the rusted object will cause the rust to loosen and drop off.If you have a good connection but nothing happens try reversing the connections.If you did this with a silver or copper coin you could fry it in a matter of minutes.Prepared the transformer by removing the plug from the end of the wire and attaching alligator clips to the two ends.

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