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In an email to staff Tony Zangoura, head of C2 Technology, said he and Mr Wallace were not together in 2009 when the first contract was awarded to the firm and accused HLT of “going on a fishing expedition within the schools to find dirt”.

The schools, which had announced their intention of converting to academy status in May, but had to put the plan on hold once the investigation was launched in April, have appealed to Mr Gove to intervene in the case.“While no system ever operates perfectly, we refute entirely that there was lack of governance or worse, malfeasance, by this governing body,” they said.

I stupidly believed that having a sense of rhythm would carry me a long way.

But dancing at parties and ballroom dancing is like the difference between cooking at home and in a professional kitchen – I’m not as good as I thought I’d be.

She’s not one of the 'happy cuddlies’, she’s one of the serious dancers.

I don’t think I’m ever going to win Aliona’s affection, but I think I’ve won her respect.

I’m not unfit, but learning the cha cha cha is the best workout I’ve ever had.

She keeps a poker face, and if you get a 'well done’ from Aliona it’s akin to having a star in your school book you can show your mum.The schools' governing body has also had its powers over financial and staffing matters removed.The decision to suspend him and dis-empower the governing body – whose members include Henry de Zoete, one of Mr Gove’s special advisers – is the latest in a series of financial controversies surrounding the superheads.Aliona moves like the shapes in one of those 1970s lava lamps, all flowing – I move like a tractor from the same era.I’ve been wearing tailored trousers to dance in, because they’re smart and fit me well.What was really cool was that all the guy contestants were dancing together backstage as we waited to go on. And Pixie Lott is lovely and decent and so down to earth, she could have come off the Tesco checkout.The makeup girls were getting angry because we got all hot and sweaty and they were chasing us around trying to put powder on. It’s true that some of the contestants have danced before, especially the young pop stars, but that just means there’s more pressure on them.Jo Shuter, headteacher of the year in 2007 and awarded a CBE in 2010, quit her job as head of Quinton Kynaston school in London’s St John’s Wood, after she spent school money on personal taxis, flowers and staff refreshments.Richard Gilliland quit as executive head of four schools run by the Priory federation in Lincoln and Grantham after auditors found extraordinary purchases, including sex aids, had been delivered to the schools’ office.A spokesman for Hackney Council said: “The council has withdrawn financial and staffing powers from the governing body as part of an ongoing investigation.” It declined to elaborate on the reasons for the decision.A spokeswoman for the Department for Education said it had received a letter from the body, adding: “We will consider this in due course.”Sir Bruce Liddington, a former “superhead” who became Schools Commissioner under Labour, had to quit as director-general of the E-ACT academies chain after being condemned it for lunches at London’s Reform Club.

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