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Sans makeup I may look my age at times from the neck up, but from there down my body, though thickening, still looks youthful. I still keep in touch by text with my old boss Max, and not too long ago I sent him a nude selfie along with my stats. I'll leave the mother/lover connection there, to the psychologists. Anyway Max is always after me to get back in the biz. Though I will add one thing: the last person Kray dated before he began hanging with Jim and me again, and before he and I became lovers, was an artist-turned-cakemaker in her early sixties. He claims MILF's are the hottest thing going these days; the hottest thing in the industry aside, of course, from she-males. I try to patiently explain to Max that I'm too old for this kind of thing, MILF or no MILF; that I'm married; have two beautiful kids; a full-time legit job; I'm still working nights toward my undergraduate degree in English; And also—Duh! Although my dipshit husband may not be the best source of wisdom on this: he gets a hard on just thinking about me fucking other guys. And to think he used to bang me on his office couch back in the day... He has some kind of music thing at his church this morning but, yeah, he'll stick around. What do you think the attraction was in the first place, a million years ago? After Kray finished in me—he wanted to fuck me up the ass but I told him no way, not at seven in the morning—and he headed off to the shower, I got up, wiped my crotch, pulled on cotton panties, wrapped a robe around my just-used body and headed downstairs, drawn by the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. If you’ve ever read a sci-fi novel or spent a little time thinking about the future, the concept of having sex with a robot probably doesn’t surprise you — I mean, it’s going to happen eventually, right?

In the next five years or so it will be possible to build lifelike robots. Although Jim lay silent, motionless, I guessed that like me he was wide awake. I couldn't see the clock on Jim's side but the graying darkness indicated it was about six a.m. He rolled over on his back, found my left hand and guided to his sleep-erection. And while it's flattering to be wanted, sexually anyway, by a guy nearly 12 years my junior, it can also get a little tiring. In the semi-darkness he and Buster spent a few more minutes nosing around the piles of clothing on the bedroom floor until Jim found his, got dressed and left the room. This earned another sigh, an equally obedient one, as well as stirring Kray from his seven-hour slumber. He replied that maybe, in a pinch, he could go forty. I've discussed it with Jim and he's not a hundred percent against the idea. I'm talking about porn films where a woman is with two guys and she doesn't know whether they're interested in her or in—" "Wait. Dressed like something out of an Ayn Rand style-book: sockless penny loafers, chinos, striped button-down shirt with silver Cross pen clipped to the pocket. The silver cross he'd failed to tuck in, dangling from his neck. " My weirdo husband had a small collection of gay porn which he watches while Kray and I go out on twosome dates. Kray claimed, insultingly I might add, it wasn't like with straight porn where there was always some kind of flimsy bullshit plot. I found out last night I have a gay husband and gay lover. It's not like it's— "I'm beginning to wonder about both of you assholes," I said. " "I can't believe you started up again." "Well believe it. " "You know...," I began, riffling through my nearby purse, "...five-plus years in the industry and not once—once—was I ever in a bi video. And I don't know Max." I could have slapped my husband silly. " "No, it's OK." "You seemed to be enjoying yourself," Jim alleged. " "Lying there fingering yourself while you watched me sucking Kray?

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