Indian male dating traditions dating in new zealand

It’s best to dress conservatively and keep yourself safe at all times.

Don’t forget the basic safety rules you’ve learned in your own country, and also observe the way the local women dress and behave as an example.

Most of the time, it’s just friendly curiosity, and if you smile at a staring stranger, many times you will get an amicable smile back.

However, never sacrifice safety for the sake of politeness. You might be seen as a rich foreigner thanks to the exchange rate, and many times you’ll be followed around by beggars, beckoned into shops by over-eager store keepers, and hailed by expectant taxi drivers.

Feet are considered dirty in India, so take off your shoes before you step into someone’s house.

Don’t step on anything important and if you do, immediately express your apologies.

English is widely used throughout the Indian subcontinent, and is the “co-official” language of the country.Many visitors who stay in India leave with a sense of accomplishment, after having survived the initial overpowering shock.And rest assured: it is a shock to learn what it means to live in India (as over a billion of us do).The real India is hardly the random (yet homogenous) assortment of the Taj Mahal, call centers, poor people and veiled women you might expect.The India you’ll actually encounter is a lot more diverse and complicated than that.Always take your shoes off before you enter a place of worship in India, and do not wear revealing clothes.Travelers in India are often tempted to wear shorts, but it’s crucial to keep your shoulders and the lower part of your body covered when visiting a site of religious importance.There’s a lack of privacy among the teeming millions of India, and the concept of personal space as you know it might not exist.Try not to take it too personally if people on the street seem to be staring at you all the time, and if Indian acquaintances and friends ask you questions that you think are none of their business.There’s a whole hierarchy of the body parts in Hinduism.The head is superior to the rest of the body, and the feet are lowest on the rung.

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