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One of the first things I noticed after installing SP 3 was that my one and only restore point was missing.

I keep my allotted System Restore space to a minimum and make sure I have at least one up to date restore.

Normally, when you install an update, Windows will create a new restore point for the update.

Because this is such a large update, the 1035 MB of space I had set aside was not enough.

Microsoft should absolutely give a WARNING and advise how much space is needed before allowing the install of SP3.

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If you have already installed SP3 be sure to check your System Restore settings.Without entering Safe Mode and running as Administrator you will not be able to restore or remove the offending service pack.Upon rebooting SP3 will no longer show up in the Add/Remove programs list and you will no longer find the multitude of $%& registry entries. XP SP3 removes previous restore points from System Restore.This file is a part of both SP2 and SP3, which explains why similar problems were seen with the XP SP2 release.“We finally got to the bottom of this last night,” said Dave Cole, Symantec’s senior director of product management for consumer software.Windows Help and Support said I had the option of restoring; there was a “bold” date showing, but no option to restore.To confirm, I repeated this several times and finally was able to prevent the problem by raising my restore space to a whopping 5035 MB.The problem ceasing with SP3 removal proves nothing, but when it happens twice, I must attribute it to the service pack.Rather than continuing to coupe the fallen victim, lets get on with it. Registry Corruption After Installing Windows XP SP3.Starting one day after the May 6th release, users were reporting problems with their network connections.Reports of vanishing connections and missing network cards were pouring in.

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