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Frankel was currently suing Hoppy for full custody of their daughter, Bryn, 7, People reported., fans got to see Bethenny Frankel meet at least one prospective suitor.When Kemsley learned about Bethenny’s comments, she wasn’t too happy about it.Apparently, she felt they had bonded a bit when they met while filming a few scenes for “I didn’t see [it]. I actually met her for the first time on the show, which she makes an appearance next week. I actually told her I was going to find her her husband, that I was a very good matchmaker. NEWS: Bethenny Frankel Admits She Married 'Out of Fear'"Eric's awesome. NEWS: Bethenny Frankel Launching Skinnygirl Marijuana"Wow #somanyboyfriendssolittletime," she tweeted. As I said today, he's a great actor," she gushed, before adding, "And we're sleeping together tonight. "How did I manage to be at a @Dodgers game & be in the Hamptons at the same time?!!! Believe it or not, it's just not a priority at the moment."I like dating. Once you've had success and your own daughter, you're not so thirsty for that.

‘REAL HOUSEWIVES’ STAR BETHENNY FRANKEL CRIES OVER EX-HUSBAND: ‘IT IS TORTURE’ “My personal life is suffering because I’m doing so much,” Frankel said.Stephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock "I don't think about dating celebrities. "I don't really want to date someone with an Instagram account.I like someone who's more on the DL."Putting romance aside, Bethenny has her hands full with a juicy new season of, Bernadette Birk called her daughter "a moron" and insists that she is "a liar and a shark." When hearing about the new interview, Bethenny said she wasn't surprised by her mom's latest comments."I haven't had a relationship with my mother since I was 14 so I don't know if she knows my business acumen," she shared. She's not a very happy person and I wish that would change for her."She added, "I'm not surprised.“The best part about being single is that the future is a fortune cookie,” Frankel said.“We just don’t know.” “Dating is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” the reality star continued.But Dorit Kemsley is new to the cast so she may not be ready for Frankel’s comments.When Bethenny recently appeared on , she criticized Dorit for not showing up on time for drinks with newcomer Teddi Mellencamp. In July, Frankel shut down rumors that she was seeing Stonestreet. "As for Stonestreet, he's seemed more concerned with his Twitter followers than his relationship status. “I’m researching doing my own dating app so I have to test the waters,” the reality star revealed.BETHENNY FRANKEL SENDS 10 PLANES TO PUERTO RICO FILLED WITH HURRICANE RELIEF SUPPLIES Frankel said while she enjoys being single, there are negatives to it as well.

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