Twin brothers dating twin sisters

They admitted to occasionally mistaking an aunt or uncle for one of their parents when looking at them from behind.

While the families don’t do too many activities with all nine of them at the same time, for at least one of them, the twin theme can get a little old.

The two couples had a double wedding in 1999 after the brothers proposed on the same day.

Now sisters Asyl and Aiym Binazarova, from Kazakhstan, are pregnant at the same time.

The twins married identical brothers Zholdasbek and Torebek Tolepbergenuly in a joint ceremony wearing matching outfits, and are now both expecting as they each approach their second wedding anniversary.

Taking the twin theme a step further, Craig and Diane had identical twin boys, Colby and Brady, in 2001.

Identical twins have no hereditary traits that influence a predisposition to having identical twins.

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