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My late husband was Shneur Zalman, named for his grandfather Shneur Zalman Alperovich.

Family lore says that he was a descendant of Shneur Zalman of Lyady.

According to Wikipedia, the current rate in the US is approximately 0.87%, the current rate in the UK is 0.05%.

Infant mortality is measured as deaths of children under the age of one year divided by the number of live births.

These records give us different information than the standard question, “How far back can you trace your family?

”Of the 11,756 death records, almost one third are for children under the age of 13.

As usual, I started out by sorting on the surname but didn't find anyone in my family......

Because they are in spreadsheet format, it is possible to sort them by column.If anyone recognises any of these names I would really appreciate hearing from you. I found an amazing online site today that included a photograph of my great-great grandfather's house in Kaunas, Lithuania; which was built in 1866. Varshavchik’s house was built for the Jewish merchant Faivuch Varshavchik. The construction work was never completed: once having started to build a large warehouse-barn the owner must have run short of funds to complete the residential premises.Arlene Beare UK Researching Dorfman- Birzai Lithuania and Riga Latvia. In 1990, the house was restored." The daughter of Faivuch Varshavchik was Chaia/Golda/Ida Varshavchik, who married my great-grandfather Emanuel Markel/Merkel from Keidainiai, Lithuania. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else connected to this family.Her newly married name was Kotlovsky and I also learned her mother's maiden name was Gurewicz.As I suspected, she had remarried after my grandfather's death in 1919 (or their possible divorce before that), but I had never found her in any of databases or websites I had searched for this time period.Nechamah married in Antwerp and went with her husband to England. I attach pictures of the Alperovich family and wondered if you could see any family resemblances.The young woman on the left, Jean, was born to one of the Alperovich sisters in Philadelphia and the woman on the right is presumably her mother.I have found so many family members and facts about their lives through this wonderful SIG, as well as receiving support from its incredible membership and leadership.More information about Litvak SIG's many advantages can be gotten from Howard Margol at [email protected] the Vilnius Jewish community from 1908 to 1915, there are records of 2,125 infant deaths and 9,774 live births, an infant death rate of 21.7%.The CIA World Factbook estimated that the infant mortality rate in Israel in 2013 is 0.4%.

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