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You're now ready to take a deeper look at the process of XML Schema validation.Although a full treatment of XML Schema is beyond the scope of this tutorial, this section shows you the steps you take to validate an XML document using an XML Schema definition.Note: The material discussed in this section also applies to validating when using the SAX parser.You're seeing it here, because at this point you've learned enough about namespaces for the discussion to make sense.However, when the user selects the XML document catalog1.xml, validation fails for the book element in the lines containing more than one title element.

The data set may include information from the W2 tax form as well as information from the employee's hiring form, with both elements named namespace.

The (if one has been defined) to find a local copy of the schema.

If the schema definition does not define a target namespace, then it applies to the default (unnamed, or null) namespace.

Create and set the properties of an Xml Reader Settings object.

Set the Xml Reader Settings object's Validation Type property to the value Validation Type.

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