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Never touch or pat the top of the head of Buddhist monks, including children at a temple.As religious leaders of the community, they are to be respected - just as you would any religion.

It's always a good idea to follow what the locals are doing. It's fine to take a photograph of a statue, but all persons should be facing it. There's no particular etiquette for Westerners - just be polite.It is also the custom to remove shoes before entering a home, though this is not as strictly followed as in places such as Japan.Wearing any attire which features Buddha or any other deity can be considered disrespectful and insensitive.No photography of sensitive locations (inside and outside), inside of shopping malls and inside tea factories (outside OK).Be especially careful in Fort, Colombo (except on the beach).Always give them a seat on a crowded bus (unless you're disabled or very elderly).If you are entering a temple, cover your shoulders and legs.Depend on where you plan to photograph, some sites require a permit which covers photography, filming, parking and entrance fee.These sites are generally only accessible between 6am and 10am.It can also be illegal resulting in arrest by the local police.The colour and culture of Sri Lanka makes it a photographer's paradise however there are a few things to consider before getting too snap happy.

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  2. Despite opposition from the archdiocese’s lawyer, the judge said during a hearing earlier this month there is good cause to release the files and is reviewing them to determine what can be made public.