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In general, gay tickle buffs seem to have an easier time finding partners than their straight counterparts.Straight guys say they've searched fruitlessly for years for a woman who would do more than just tolerate their interest as a form of flirtation.One jolly "uncle" wrote long e-mails about his plans to drive his helpless "nephew" to distraction. C., says he doesn't even bother with bondage, thanks to his size."It's kind of odd to have a 6-foot-2, 250-pound black man tickling you," he says. I don't have to tie you down." He gets a thrill out of sitting on guys and watching them wear themselves out struggling.Later on, guy friends would hold me down and tickle me for hours while I mock protested.Alan Pratt, who organizes gay tickling parties in New York, remembers having wet dreams about tickling other boys' feet in seventh grade.To keep his excitement going, he would fantasize the entire time that he was tickling them instead.He'd be thrilled when he could incorporate tickling into foreplay.

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Yahoo's adult tickling area has 62 clubs, the largest of which has more than 1,500 members.But despite the massive numbers of fanatics, the tickling community complains of feeling marginalized or stigmatized within the larger "kink" community.I've often told 20-year veterans of perversion about my interest, only to see a mixture of amusement and revulsion appear on their faces.(The most popular straight tickling site, has been down for a while.) But it's hard to imagine tickling achieving the same "cool" status in popular culture that has been achieved by the fetish, B&D and S/M world.Regular kinksters see themselves in Madonna or the Genitorturers.People of all sexual orientations host regular tickling parties all over the country, and "Ticklefest 2000" is due to be held in Dallas Sept.21-24, featuring the world's first Tickle Rodeo.When I was a kid, a camp counselor whose name I forgot held me down and tickled me, and I felt an unfamiliar bliss.Part helplessness, part overstimulation, it was all surrender.Tickle fans tend to find their truest reflection in old Warner Bros. It's easy to see why tickling might seem childish.Most enthusiasts date their interest from early on.

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