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I balked, taking in the condom pedestal that was once her bed. And for the first time, I began to wonder what kind of person my roommate really was.

Then, with an expert sweep of her arm, she pushed the mound into her nightstand drawer (where dwelt her burgeoning dildo collection) and clicked off the light. A couple days later, she came to me with a request.

I admit I'm somewhat of a Chicken Little when it comes to anticipating worst possible scenarios, but I was imagining Beth's impending expulsion, housing eviction, eventual career failure and angry children who grow up to become drug-lords or strippers—or even worse—drug-lord strippers... The circumstances were beyond inconvenient (seeing as it was very late and I had heaps of work due the next morning), but I hesitantly agreed under the naïve guise that this was a “one-time” thing.In retrospect, though this experience isn't one I look upon fondly, I can say that it taught me a lot about not only myself, but also other people.Living with someone who led such a profoundly different lifestyle than my own was challenging, but at the same time, it forced me to really face the reality of the world we live in—that, contrary to what we all learn in Kindergarten, not everyone is going to get along.But that discrepancy wasn't enough to compel my bad judgment.The issue wasn't that she was sexually active; it was how her sexual appetite eventually grew to take over and impede my life.That first night of sexile was the first in a string of many over the course of the next few months.Beth took complete advantage of my compliancy and began ousting me multiple nights per week—always between the hours of 11 p.m. Regardless of what tests or papers I had to complete, she never failed to message me for "room time." By late October, Rafi had all but moved into our dorm.I was bothered that she could be so inconsiderate, but additionally, I was shocked at how soon she had taken to “bedding” Rafi.Coming from my relatively sheltered background (cue Catholic upbringing, close-knit family and a non-existent social life), I was amongst the few girls over 15 who still believed kissing was a big deal.Because he wasn't a student and only had a part-time job at the halal food cart on the corner, he was always around.He had clothes stashed under her bed, a toothbrush in the drawer and on the few occasions he wasn't in the room itself, he was staked out in front of the floor elevator, watching for when I would leave.

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