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Their production was characterised by an attention to detail, affordability without compromising quality, and a wide variety of innovative modernist designs.

Many of these designs incorporated semi-precious stones, both in pendants, brooches and rings.

Bluitgen received awards at the Milan Triennale in 1954 and the Statens Kunstfornd prize in 1976.The company was registered in Fredericia until 1987.Dennung's workshop in Copenhagen was first registered in 1974, and the shop on Frederiksberg near the Copenhagen Business School was still there a couple of years ago.Much of Dennung's work is bold and requires a lot of material, so he tended to use silver plate over base metals.Renowned silversmiths active during the first half of the 20th Century, registered 1920 to 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark.Just Andersen started making jewellery In his own workshop in 1918, having received a kickstart from Mogens Ballin with a 3 year project to decorate an altar in Copenhagen.He produced beautiful figural sculptures in gold as pieces of jewellery, but they were of course very expensive, and so he also started working in silver and pewter and "Disko", an alloy which he discovered himself.These too were made in different configurations and for different body parts!Many were specifically designed as presents for young girls, and so the rings, bracelets and necklaces are often quite small in size.Used one (or both) of two name stamps and also numbered their designs, many of which are art deco or functionalist in style. Enevoldsen, first registered in Copenhagen in 1950, and produced high quality modernist jewellery. ) developed the Pandora bead concept, which is now one of the biggest jewellery brands in the world.High quality Danish silversmith working in Copenhagen, established 1933.

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