Updating hard drive hdd

All that available hard-disk space quickly disappears once you start downloading games, demos, and HD videos.

Fortunately, Sony has designed the PS3 to allow console owners to perform their own hard-drive upgrades.

I specifically shopped for an older style drive that used 512-byte sectors.

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- it's important to backup before you test the drive.

We're testing the drive because we suspect it might be failing.

If it does fail, it may not give any warning that it's going to fail completely - so it's important to backup first.

I’ve also heard that installing the AHCI driver from the Lenovo driver matrix for one of the Huron River Think Pads (T420/T520/X220/etc) would also do the job w/a smaller install (and less Intel crapware) but I have not tested that.

After updating the storage driver the hotfix happily announced that it (the hotfix) was already installed. Try this search link if the one above doesn’t work: Result.aspx?

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