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You believed in me a lot., I felt like I was scratching that itch of being an artist. " And I'd be like, "I don't know." He heard every song and gave me his notes on everything. JG: I feel like the world has been compassionately watching to see how you would react to what happened. LM: I somehow feel the insane love Cory and I had for each other morphed into this strength that I have right now.I was at a great place in my life and I was so unbelievably happy—my relationship with Cory made me feel like I could reach for the stars and more. He loved "Battlefield." I'm getting chills thinking about it. And across the board, you've presented yourself in such a classy way. And as your friend, watching you go through what you went through, I saw you exhibit so much strength. There's just something about knowing he's watching everything I'm doing and feeling like I have to do everything now not just for me but for him.Along with gushing over the astonishment of a city girl like Lea and farm boy like Groff ultimately becoming the greatest of friends, the two talked about a very sensitive topic: Cory Monteith. ' And I'd be like, 'I don't know.' He heard every song and gave me his notes on everything. Lea has been sharing a few of her singles off the album with fans in the past few months, and just released "What Is Love," the fourth song off of the record, after the title track "Louder," ballad "Battlefield," and her current single "Cannonball."The new song will be available to purchase on i Tunes starting on Tuesday (January 28), but take a listen to the track below and tell us your thoughts!

Creel took him to the march on Washington and his love life “became more public.” Groff, who then dated actor Zachary Quinto, told Sessums that dating actors isn’t necessarily easier than dating civilians: “I feel like in dating actors the nice thing about it is they understand the schedules involved or having to leave for three months to shoot something and all of that. But I’d rather be a working actor and not hiding anything in my personal life. I took one of my boyfriends home for Christmas a couple of years ago, and they bought him a present. It was a black void of the audience in front of us and her face there perfectly lit by the light of her i Pad through three-quarters of the show.I personally wasn't aware of it until it was written into the show. Prior to her current romance with Buckley, Michele, 29, was in a relationship with Matthew Paetz, who she split with in late February.“I wanted to make sure that I was a whole person again and that no one was coming into my life to put me back together. He has been in one celebrity relationship averaging less than one year. PHOTOS: Out and proud stars Quinto declined to go into further detail about the relationship with Groff, but does tell that he's broken an unhealthy romantic habit borne out of the death of his father. I love the cultural and class difference between Richie and Patrick.I was the one always saying to you, "I'll never get that part.No one will ever hire me." The biggest limits are the ones you make for yourself.Singer Lea Michele faithfully stays in touch with a ton of her old co-stars and friends – from Ashley Tisdale to Emma Roberts to Jenna Oshkowitz. She documented the heartfelt reunion by posting a series of selfies on Twitter this afternoon. Lea has said in the past that her BFF makes her the “happiest girl in the world,” so we are so glad that they got to reconnect and spend some more time together!The “Heavy Love” singer reunited with one of her absolute best friends, her co-star Jonathan Groff – he played Jesse St. “Wouldn’t be a trip to the big [apple] without seeing this face..

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