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Clearly, this is not an ideal world, as the survey also revealed that only 38 percent of those people actually do have sex that often. They started using Ashley Madison about seven years into their relationship.

Stephanie and her partner vowed to make their current relationship far better than those they experience in the past, ready to do whatever they could to ensure they stay together. “We always would couple watch and be like ‘oh, that person’s attractive,’ so nothing was really off-limits,” Stephanie said.

hat is, dummy accounts created by the Ashley Madison staff to make it look like there was a pool of women looking for action.

And by "astonishing," I mean that it looks like the number of real, live women using the site was somewhere between 1,500 and 10,000.

You've probably now heard of Ashley Madison, a dating website set up explicitly for married people looking to have affairs.

Their entire system got hacked--not just member accounts and credit-card info, but internal company data, too.

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I spoke with Stephanie, a woman who’s been in a successful, fulfilling relationship with her partner for over ten years.The site claimed 37 million users, which, if true, would be an enormous percentage of America's married population.(That would be roughly half of all married people between the ages of 25 and 55.) (Which sounded incredibly implausible.) And now we know that Ashley Madison's claims were implausible.And the most interesting stuff to come out of it isn't about Ashley Madison's clientele: It's about the company itself.Ashley Madison had always sounded like a scam to me.However, only 20 million male "users" ever bothered to check their Ashley Madison message box even once, and only 11 million male users ever engaged the website's chat function, even once.A lot of people clearly just signed up out of curiosity.It's the online dating equivalent of robbing a drug dealer.Shortly after the first news of the hack broke, another friend quipped, "Well, the guys using Ashley Madison were looking to get screwed." They had no idea.They met after both having experienced failed marriages.“We both came from pretty difficult previous marriages,” she told me.“Largely sexless.”Stephanie and her partner aren’t alone.

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