Problems updating peerguardian 2

And i found this: you set it up so that IPtables will block stuff while PG is running just like when it is not? I'm a noob and i need help I have used Firestarter ( to activate the iptables firewall.

The firewall works good and Peerguardian works as well.

Peer Guardian is a free and open source IP address blocking software programs capable of blocking incoming and outgoing addresses. It is usefull when on P2P networks because it blocks the RIAA, MPAA and other evile empires from seeing you. sudo cp /usr/local/bin sudo chmod -c 755 /usr/local/bin/Now open wth gedit....

The application uses a blocklist ( of IP addresses to filter the computers of several organisations, including the RIAA ( and MPAA ( while using filesharing networks such as Fast Track ( Track) and Bit Torrent ( Torrent). This helps because they can not collect evidence against you and will help in filtering the bogus seeded files they litter the P2P networks with. sudo gedit /usr/local/bin/Now paste the following into it then save and close: # version for uk lists! /bin/sh # Update new blocklists and start/stop/restart Peer Guardian # # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by # the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or # (at your option) any later version.

Toggie et al"I just heard that with peerguardian, to block spyware sites etc, that it downloads the p2p lists, due to this users are unable to connect to comodo as all IP`s for comodo are, for some reason within the p2p lists. (the IP`s are very specific) Does "comodo CA" now participate in anti-p2p?

(this is not a personal problem, as I do not use these programs, just curious why those IP`s would be included and blocked)I switched to CFW to avoid this sort of issue so this matter I hope can be cleared up quickly.

image=Peerguardian stops me from being able to use SSL websites for some reason. I followed the instructions from the howto and I cannot SSH into my box anymore. Same thing but i have no idea what SSH or what port it works on Oh crap...

I just completed a howto on this covering installation from source. don't underestimate source compiling ;) since I use breezy64, I can't use kokanee guide, but maybe I can try yours : D where is it?

You must have missed the part in the first post in big bold letters that says Peerguardian is not a firewall. , and wouldn't this suggest that its causing the problem?I have read that post before which concerned me but everything seems to work with firestarter. it alerts you with an error Mine shows that in the present moment PEERGUARDIAN v1.5beta ****** ****** Packets Blocked Packets Checked 1237 6164983 Blocked dropped src: dst: (Savvis) dropped src: dst: (Wisc Net) dropped src: dst: 1.158 (Stanford University) dropped src: dst: (Uni2 IP Data Network) dropped src: dst: (Network of Technical University at Liberec) dropped src: dst: (University of Texas at El Paso) dropped src: dst: (Wisc Net) dropped src: dst: 1.158 (Stanford University)I just opened limewire and did a search, and nothing has changed. [OT]Firestarter is excellent, apart from the fact it makes no distinction whatsoever between UDP/TCP, which IMO is a showstopper.:confused: If you don't know what Firestarter is... I need HELP and what about the rest of the people in the thread? I've currently got Peerguardian running perfectly with my own iptables firewall (which I have on my webspace), and I've had no probs with them running together. gimme a pm and I'll do what I can to help :)This is what I got: PEERGUARDIAN v1.5beta Packets Blocked Packets Checked 0 377858 Blocked Reading blocklist detected ASCII blocklist Entering daemon mode Allowing all traffic on port 80 Blocking 42555 ranges (636415032 IP addresses) error: $ So how will i know if it blocks something? The log still reads: Reading blocklist detected ASCII blocklist Entering daemon mode Allowing all traffic on port 80 Blocking 42555 ranges (636415032 IP addresses) error: $ I followed the instructions, did I miss something? S I also reinstalled the but I still don't think its working. 301 Moved Permanently Location: ---- `level1.gz' Resolving .. Why should I open two ports, when I only need one?!it's a front end for iptables and a monitoring program. sudo apt-get install firestarter I think you're wrong on this one, i disabled the allow all on http, then tried to go to the IRAA's site, didn't work, so everythings fine with the blocking, did a sygate scan and everything is closed so i started firestarter, "sudo firestarter" and firestarter was running and did a scan from sygate, everything looked fine, all blocked, went to the IRAA's site again and it LOADED!!! Does it have anything to do with the router that my computer is hooked up to?,,, ... Oh now i see why everyione thinks its working, you lot are just using the command line, oh man :eek: Closed firestarter, quit from it, restarted PG and all the ports were closed again and the IRAAs site was blocked again. @Ubuntu:~$ sudo restart ------------ 2005-12-08 EST Begin Peer Guardian restart File level1last updated 2005-12-08 .000000000 1100 ---- `level1.gz' Resolving screen_type=1&screen_id=17659520764394beddc176d&m=screen This is how i know its working or not (yea yea i know vista like) I start the entire thing with "sudo alltray /usr/bin/peerguardnf2/peerguardnf2" Alltray puts the GUI in the system tray and when i click he close button on the window border it goes back to the system try (the system tray is not in view, it autohides in the bottom right hand corder, its vertical) It clearly shows if the daemon is active, Then in the "Root configuration" remove all the allowed ports (80 is default) then go to the IRAA site, and you can't, do a sygate scan and it shows everything is closed" not blocked, Then stop it and the ports are back to blocked again :mad: See what i mean, i turned it on in the middle of a scan # # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License # along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software # Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA # testdescription # #CONFIGURATION # Make sure PG_ETC points to the directory where # you want to put your downloaded blocklists. " merged.p2b.p2p | grep -v -i "Microsoft" | grep -v "Google" merged.p2b.p2mv merged.p2b.p2merged.p2b.p2p mv $PG_LIST $PG_LIST.backup mv merged.p2b.p2p $PG_LIST mv $PG_LOG $PG_LOG.backup echo "Starting Peer Guardian" peerguardnf -h -m -d -c "$PG_CONF" -l "$PG_LOG" endscript 0 ;; 'stop') echo "Stopping Peer Guardian" killall peerguardnf &1 endscript 0 ;; 'restart') cd "$PG_ETC" # check if blockfiles were updated: UPDATED="" for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do TIMESTAMP=0 if [ -e $i.$SUFFIX ] ; then TIMESTAMP=`stat --format=%y $i.$SUFFIX` echo "File $i.$SUFFIX last updated $TIMESTAMP" TIMESTAMP=`stat --format=%Y $i.$SUFFIX` fi wget -N $URL/$i.$SUFFIX if [ `stat --format=%Y $i.$SUFFIX` -gt $TIMESTAMP ] ; then UPDATED=$i fi done # if none of the blockfiles were updated: if [ -z $UPDATED ] ; then echo "No blocklists needed updating." echo "Stopping Peer Guardian" killall peerguardnf &1 mv $PG_LOG $PG_LOG.backup sleep 4 echo "Starting Peer Guardian" peerguardnf -h -m -d -c "$PG_CONF" -l "$PG_LOG" endscript 0 fi # if any blockfiles were updated: for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do gunzip -c $i.$SUFFIX $i.$SUFFIX2 BLOCKLISTSCAT="$BLOCKLISTSCAT $i.$SUFFIX2" done cat $BLOCKLISTSCAT | peerguardnf -f merged.p2b.p2p for i in $BLOCKLISTS ; do rm $i.$SUFFIX2 done # uncomment below to unblock Yahoo! You will notice in the script that connections to Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are allowed.PG_ETC=/etc/peerguardian/ # Remove the lists you don't want to download and # use from BLOCKLISTS. I was having issues with connecting to MSN and Gtalk in Gaim along with connectiong to various Google sites. I just completed a howto on this covering installation from source. Never mind below, all is well, i had to start the script again and it worked fine. group_id=131687&package_id=148849 sudo dpkg -i peerguardnf-1.5beta.i386Now that it's installed blocklists need to be setup.See the # GNU General Public License for more details. sudo restart If there are updates for the blocklists available they are updated, the old blocklist and the log-file are backuped, old Peer Guardian processes are killed and after 4 seconds Peer Guardian is started again. ln -s /usr/local/bin//etc/init.d/ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc0.d/K20ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc2.d/S95ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc3.d/S95ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc4.d/S95ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc5.d/S95ln -s /etc/init.d//etc/rc6.d/K20Now we need to create a CRON entry to update and restart Peerguardian daily. sudo cp pg /etc/cron.daily sudo chmod -c 755 /etc/cron.daily/pg Now we're [email protected]:/home/ephman/Desktop# sudo start ------------ 2005-11-29 AM EST Begin Peer Guardian start ---- `level1.gz' Resolving stat: cannot stat `level1.gz': No such file or directory /usr/local/bin/ line 57: [: -gt: unary operator expected No blocklists needed updating.Starting Peer Guardian mv: cannot stat `/var/log/PG.log': No such file or directory ------------ 2005-11-29 AM EST End Peer Guardian Script [email protected]:/home/ephman/Desktop# thanks for the bandwidth, ephman I've installed it but I can still get on the riaa website????? Open up a torrent or connect to a Mule or something then check your /var/log/file. I also get this in my log: Reading blocklist detected ASCII blocklist Entering daemon mode Blocking 87916 ranges (658873113 IP addresses) error: $ :( Edit: SOLVED ------------------------======-------------------- When i'm running PG its always saying closed and not blocked, how did you get it to say blocked?

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