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After paying ,000 for a ticket to Unleash the Power Within… After fully committing, with a completely open heart… In this post, I will share why I went to Tony's event, what it was like, and why I walked out. A lot of my friends are big TR fans, and they all gave strong endorsements for UPW. I'm not writing this because I'm a sophisticated aristocrat who turns his nose up at self-help groups. It wasn't easy to eat so much food, or to go to the gym every week, but I put in the effort to reach my goals. I've read hundreds of books and taken action, because I am 100% in on improving myself. I've also publicly documented my self-improvement journey for the last 15 YEARS. He's an instant stress reducer and you don't even have to do any homework.I will also show you what I did after I left, and what I learned from the whole experience. Now he just wants to act like he's more enlightened than everyone else." None of that is true. If that's not "doing the homework," I don't know what is. Last September, my company App Sumo hosted our second annual conference, with over 200 attendees. I love listening to him on walks Reply I stumbled on this and the title interested me.I'm personally fascinated with Tony Robbins, primarily his charisma. We kept an open mind esp after we saw the theatrics at the start.So, I've watched his documentaries and have listened to some of his You Tube talks. What does he say that's worth ,000 that you can't get for free? The people that go there strike me as lonely, empty vessels who are looking for meaning and purpose. Good thing because it changed my life, my mindset and my priorities.

The only thing I was afraid of was wasting more time. But as the day unfolded, I began to question whether this seminar was a good use of my time. The whole sequence was superficial (and entertaining). I really enjoyed it and am going to go back now and look into your hyperlinks. Tony has great intentions, a strong presence, and it's clear most of his attendees feel the event is worth the investment. For many of his attendees, it seems there are deep-seated issues with a lack of love, and the belief that they are not enough. That's intoxicating, and many attendees (understandably) go back for more. Rather than fly home, I planned a "Personal Development Day." Here's what I did the following day: This may have been the best part about Tony's personal development seminar -- it forced me to create my own.I respect the negative opinions here but it worked for me.The change in mindset resulted in having more business opportunities which exploded because of a small change I made, saved my family and relationship and I think made me a better and more optimistic person. I agree smaller, quieter events is something Tony does not have and I doubt he ever will. The outcomes are important and you choose that it's PERSONAL to each individual.If you're skeptical of friends who say, "You have to go see Tony Robbins..." If you're on the fence about Unleash the Power Within (,000) or Date with Destiny (,000)... I know the diehard fans -- the self-proclaimed Cult of Robbins who "drink the Kool Aid" -- are already having doubts about this article. I've attended a lot of paid seminars before, and loved them. I'm astonished Tony hosts events for 10,000 people at a time. I was actually looking for a quote and somehow your site popped up..title intrigued me. I'm amazed by what he does (I recently shared how he gets 1 million visitors per month), and wanted to experience his coaching in person. I wrote about the most embarrassing and painful period of my life (then I published a book about it). I've had a ton of failures, and a few huge successes, because I'm constantly trying new things. Or how I intentionally gained 40 pounds in 2015, then got into the best shape of my life in 2016. Okay, I understand we need to break through social discomfort and energize ourselves, but I don't enjoy random dudes touching me. Reply Just listen to any of the hundreds of free You Tube videos of the friendly, down to earth monk Ajahn Brahm. What distractions are holding you back from your goals? These are his quotes I turned into instagram memes. To stay for three full days felt like a self-imposed prison, rather than an opportunity to genuinely grow. But I would, if his team made a few big changes: Well, you had me interested when you told me you run App Sumo and Sumo cause Mr Robbins runs about 15% of his advertising from what a read over Sumo. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. Instead of complaining about traffic, appreciate that we have cars to get us to places faster. Study and replicate the people that have already figured out what you want to do. What goal would genuinely energize you immediately? If you struggle with those issues, then Tony's seminars might change your life. For my friends, the seminar was overwhelmingly positive and deeply moving. I don't plan on attending another Tony Robbins' event.

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