Woman spanking chatbot

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Four days ago her father, after a battle with prostrate cancer, had finally succumbed to the inevitable. She'd been expecting it for over a year, and she and her father hadn't been close since the divorce when she was eleven, though after her mother had died, they kept in touch and occasionally celebrated Christmas together. That was strange, as they had never gotten along very well.

A professional woman discovers what it's like to be a little girl again. Originally published 2004-01.) Twenty-nine-year-old Julie Weston, President and CEO of Gummi Soft, the top-notch children's software company she founded seven years ago, looked nothing like the glamorous image she'd projected in last month's People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People." Instead of the risque, fetching Versace gown slit down her navel, she wore faded and torn denim cutoffs and a cheap T-Shirt with a long-dead high-tech company's logo on it.We also stock a large range of these specialist interests Bondage, latex, fetish, stockings, high heels, female domination and BDSM.Mistress Alexandria - Mistress Alexandria provides a variety of BDSM, Fetish and Role Play scenes for consensual erotic power play.Yet somehow Julie still managed to look stunningly beautiful.The shorts exposed miles of creamy bare leg and thigh, and her ass looked amazing bulging through the holes of the torn cutoffs.She had that look of frustrated exhaustion that just demanded a kiss.Julie was exhausted for good reason: she'd spent the past day and a half rummaging through all the old junk in her parent's house.With sudden inspiration, Julie reached under Nanny's arm and found the recessed power button. Sitting on the old, familiar couch, Nanny hauled Julie -- a larger, more mature Julie -- over her lap. But it was humiliating and ridiculous -- she was an adult woman for crying out loud -- and she felt so helpless. This seemed much longer than any childhood spanking she'd received. Nanny was programmed to spank _all_ of a girl's bottom. She'd never even thought of that, yet Nanny had pulled the cheeks apart and strapped her there. She felt confident and strong, ready to take on the world.Would Nanny still have power after all these years? Julie couldn't help but feel tremendous deja vue as she lay there, her face nestled in a sofa cushion. All she could do was cry as her bottom grew warmer. That was part of her criteria for judging when a naughty girl had been properly punished. In the morning, after a torturous, blissful night, Julie was released. Suddenly, she realized how calm and refreshed she felt. Her childish self-doubt and fears had vanished, replaced by a warm and loving peace.Instead of a perfect make-up job with Liquid Rose lipstick and Blue Sky Number 12 eyeliner, she wore a coating of dust and cobwebs from head to toe.Instead of her delicate fingers gripping the stem of a crystal goblet of champagne as she winked a toast to the reader, she gripped the scarred and worn leather handle of an ancient trunk as she dragged it from a dark corner of the filthy attic.

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