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He initially killed his victims every two months, but since he was also a narcissistic killer and found out the BAU was watching him, he began escalating between the murders.

"Welcome to the show." The unsub is a narcissistic Caucasian male in his early- to mid-30s and 5'10" in height who craves the immortality that is displayed on the Internet.

He would then, without the company's knowledge, go around knocking on doors asking people if they wanted free fiber optics installation.

The company later found out about this and he was subsequently fired.

Robert placed the bodies of his victims in a walk-in freezer he had acquired from local businessman Austin Chapman, who also watched his videos, and to make sure no one realized something was off, would make it appear as if his victims were still alive by hacking their social networking accounts, where he posted (under their identity) about going on vacation.

Robert claims his third victim, Dorris Archer, disabling her security system with the correct codes, and letting her dog (familiar with him from previous entries) out.

Later, Robert is shown checking the social networking profiles of a woman named Allison Kittridge, whom he eventually spies on in person at a cafe, watching as she updates her status.

Later, outside Allison's home, Robert watches a press conference being held by JJ and Detective John Fordham, who show a composite sketch of him, and advise the public to be cautious online.

He eventually got a job as an Internet installer for Meridian Telecom using an alias.

When a reporter mentions the theory that the killer targets women whose facial symmetry match his own, Robert is clearly perturbed, and proceeds to close his laptop and attach a mini-cam to himself.

Thrown off by the press conference, Robert does not wait for Allison to go to bed, and instead barges in.

Sometime after losing his job, Robert began serial killing, stalking women whose facial symmetry matched his own, eventually reusing his fiber optic cable installation ruse to get into their homes, where he would hide miniature cameras, in order to know when it would be safe to break back in, and plant more cameras.

After a few days, Robert would enter in the middle of the night, and strangle the woman to death, using his cameras and fiber optic connection to broadcast the murders live for a select few (who he would send illegal videos to as "collateral" in case they turned on him).

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