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After hearing six days of the prosecution’s trial testimony — before the defense presented and before consideration by the jury — the judge dismissed the case and accused Perverted Justice, the online watchdog group that set up the online decoy, of entrapment.

Last May, a photo from the undercover account popped up on his screen to indicate that “she” had looked at his profile, he said.

Stephen Turer said his client, who was 21 at the time, had never talked about having sex with the fictitious 13-year-old, only cuddling while watching movies, even though the decoy kept trying to move the conversation in that direction.“In reading the transcript, it became obvious that they had an agenda that they professionally moved along,” he said, adding that “Dateline NBC” paid Perverted Justice 0,000 per episode to provide actors who spoke on the phone and initially met the suspects in a location with hidden cameras.

Though Rehnberg characterizes the websites he uses in his investigations as social media sites, some of the ones he has used are adult dating websites in which members are required to be at least 18 years old.

A place you can take someone out on a leash, and not be ridiculed. The world itself is a mix of fantasy, and some high tech, but for the most part, it appears as a laid back, small town.

The roads being walkways, lit by gas lamps at night, large forests covered in snow in the winter.

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